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Acuvue Bifocals

Acuvue Bifocals

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  • Our Price: $49.99 / box |  ($47.49 / box on 4 boxes)6 Lenses / box
Product Details

ACUVUE® BIFOCAL Contact Lenses are extremely easy to use because once you put them on, you can forget about them the rest of the day. Other convenient features include:

  • An inside-out indicator so they go on right the first time.
  • Visibility tint so you can easily see them in the case and on your finger.
  • Flexible wear schedules to fit your lifestyle.
  • UV Blocking?ACUVUE® BIFOCAL Contact Lenses block approximately 86% of the UV-A rays and 98% of UV-B rays.
  • Edge Design promotes exceptional comfort.
  • Precision Junctions intended to reduce blurs and halos.

Lens Type: 1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses.

Package Details: Six visibly tinted UV blocking lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.

Material and % of content: 42% polymer (etafilcon A).

Water % of content: 58%

Other info: These contacts are not designed to change eye color. The tint is designed to facilitate locating the contacts in solution. These contacts also contain an inside-out '123 indicator' to help ensure proper application.

Johnson and Johnson Vision Products, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL


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